What Turns Guys On? Understanding Male Sexual Desire

Introduction Do you ever wonder what turns guys on and what truly gets them going sexually? Sexual desire is unique to each individual, and yet, there are certain shared traits among many men when it comes to what turns them on. To better understand male sexual desire, here is an exploration of what generally turns guys on.

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Wired Sexually Interests Males are biologically wired to be more interested in sex, typically resulting in greater sexual desire and a greater appetite in that department. Biologically, men have testosterone coursing through their system, which can lead to a more active sex drive and an increased desire for sex. These natural tendencies ultimately can contribute to having a greater interest in sex and can make guys more eager to explore different sexual avenues.

Visual Stimulation

Generally speaking, males are highly visual creatures, meaning that they often get turned on by what they see. Visual stimulation can have a powerful effect on male arousal and this can come in many forms. For example, it can be a person’s clothing, physical features, gestures, and even fantasies. Visual images can be very effective in triggering someone’s sexual desire and can lead to a more passionate state.


Confidence is a major turn-on for many guys, as it can demonstrate that the other person is comfortable in their own skin and secure in their sexuality. Being able to confidently take on a sexual attitude can be very attractive to guys and can lead to a heightened sense of arousal.

Physical Touch

The physical touch of another person can often be enough to turn a guy on. This could be a gentle touch or a passionate embrace; for men, any type of physical contact that is accompanied by a feeling of connection can be an incredibly strong turn-on.


Vitality is another trait that can turn guys on. This could be through an energetic presence, expressions of enthusiasm, and any other show of vitality. When a person has a zest for life and is able to exude that with enthusiasm and energy, this can be a major turn-on for many guys.


Spontaneity can be a very attractive and arousing trait when it comes to turning guys on. Being able to take on the unexpected and surprising in a sexual setting can really drive a man wild. This could be through a daring look or a unique approach to sex.


Playfulness in a sexual setting can be a great turn-on for guys as it can demonstrate a certain lightheartedness. Being able to joke around and take part in some sexual word play can be very attractive to many males and it can lead to a much more fulfilling experience for both partners.


Passion in sex can really be the spark for many guys. When a person is able to demonstrate a certain level of intensity in their sexual approach, this can be very attractive to guys. Passion often comes out through strong physicality and can be manifested in various other forms, such as verbal expressions and actions.


Experimentation in sexual matters can be another turn-on for many guys. When a person is willing to explore different sexual possibilities, this can be very attractive to men. Experimentation itself can often play into other things that can turn guys on, such as creativity and a willingness to check out different dynamics.


Finally, many guys find erotica to be a major turn-on. This can come in many varieties, such as written erotica, visual erotica, and even audio erotica. Being able to explore different erotica outlets can be a great way for someone to get aroused and enjoy a certain level of sexual pleasure.

When it comes to understanding male sexual desire, there are many things that can turn guys on. From biologically-wired interests to physical and emotional turn-ons, everyone’s experience is unique. Knowing the right things that turn a guy on can be beneficial in creating a fulfilling sexual experience for both partners. Taking these different aspects into account can help to ensure that everyone enjoys their sexual encounters.

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