What are some of the sexual fantasies women dream about?

Sexual fantasies can be a form of escapism — allowing us to imagine and hope for more exciting, intimate and sometimes extreme experiences in the bedroom. Some women have an entire catalog of naughty desires that they have never even had the chance to live out. In this article, we’ll explore some of the sexual fantasies that many women often dream about.

Dark Fantasies

Not being judged is a common theme for many sexual fantasies. Women can feel free to explore their desires and not be shamed for them. Various dark fantasies, such as BDSM, allowing themselves to be dominated, and voyeurism, experiencing the pleasure of seeing others in action without participating, are somewhat popular.

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Heterosexual Fantasies

This can be a broad category, but generally, women may dream of being pleasured by multiple partners, having intercourse in an exotic locale, being completely dominated or dominating during intercourse, trying out different positions or kinds of sex, and participating in group sex. In some cases, women may also fantasize about some of these themes with partners of another gender.

Lesbian Fantasies

Many women also have lesbian fantasies, dreaming of exploring their sexuality with members of the same sex. Tantric sex, involving taking time to enhance the pleasure and satisfaction, may be a desirable thought in this context. Women may also conjure up scenarios of women performing oral sex, or having quick, and passionate encounters.

In Intimate Settings

Many women also think of scenarios that involve being in an intimate setting, with a particular person. This type of fantasy often includes having passionate sex followed by cuddles and gentle caresses. It can also include encounters that have a slower pace, such as having a massage done before intercourse, and taking time to stimulate each other’s senses with scented oils, candles, and an arousing environment.

Role Play

Role playing can be a fun way to explore secret desires and unspoken passions between two people. Deviating from one’s traditional role in the bedroom can be incredibly satisfying and fulfilling. Women may fantasize about a situation where they have complete control of their partners, freeing and exploring themselves, and allowing their partner to become the exhibitionist. Some people enjoy methodically enacting their fantasies, while others try to improvise on the fly, allowing the pleasure to take them away.

Fantasy Objects

Some women may indulge in fantasies that involve objects or props. The use of toys, such as vibrators, handcuffs, dildos, and bondage restraints; BDSM tools, such as whips and paddles; and costumes, such as sexy nurse, maid, and police officer all have the potential to be thrilling.

Sexual Exploration

Women can also imagine scenarios in which their wildest sexual fantasies are explored. This could include being tied up and blindfolded, having sex in public, and engaging in rough sex. In some cases, even role playing as a couple in which one partner dominates with authority over the other, can be convenient – depending on what the couple agrees to.

No Shame

Having a sexual fantasy is a normal part of our sexuality, without any shame, as long as it does not harm other people. The important thing is to relax and explore our sexuality regardless of what it may be. Revealing sexual fantasies to a partner you trust can also add some fun to your sex life.

In conclusion, having sexual fantasies is a normal part of many people’s lives, and women are not an exception. Women often allow themselves to escape the present moment and contemplate different kinds of fantasies, such as domination, role play, public sex, lesbian encounters and being pleasured in intimate settings, as well as the use of objects. Reminding ourselves that these fantasies are healthy, without any condemnation, open us up to explore our desires as much as it is convenient.

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