Totally Normal, Common Sexual Fantasies Women Have

What Are Common Sexual Fantasies Women Have?

When it comes to sexual fantasies, it may be easy to assume that women and men are on two opposite sides of the spectrum. While it’s true that men’s sexual fantasies often involve complex situations or imagery, women’s desires can be just as basic and common. Here, we explore some of the more frequent ones shared by women.

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Common Sexual Fantasies Women Have

Despite all their differences, women typically share some very common fantasies. From sharing intimate thoughts to casual encounters, here are some of the most common sexual fantasies women have.

Being Dominated

For many women, being dominated is a very adrenaline-pumping sensation. It can manifest in form of bondage or role-playing and can also be explored in conversation. Having someone take charge in the bedroom can be a delightfully liberating experience for many women, giving them the opportunity to really let go and feel safe in the process.

Having Multiple Partners

This one is often considered to be more of a man’s fantasy, but women, too, enjoy the idea of having multiple partners at once. Imagining multiple people pleasuring them and feeding into each other’s passions can be sexually liberating and exhilarating for many women.

Romantic or Tender Sex

This is the type of fantasy most women turn to when they want to create an atmosphere full of variety and sensory experiences. Women who fantasize about having romantic sex want to feel seen, heard, and cherished in the moment. They may be looking for an escape from everyday life and take time to create a special, intimate atmosphere for their partner with candles, essential oils, and more.

Having a Threesome

Threesomes are becoming more and more normal throughout our society. Many women find the idea of having two partners very tantalizing and it can even become a way of really letting go and having fun without any feelings of guilt. Threesomes can be a great outlet of exploration for a lot of women as they might get the chance to experience something completely new with their partner or even with a someone they don’t know.


An interesting fantasy many women have is that of being seen having sex or even just being naked for that matter. This can be explored in different ways, most commonly being sex in public or having sex in front of an audience on some sort of livestream. It may also manifest in form of public flirting or stripping for someone in private.

Tantric Sex

This is another fantasy which involves variety in terms of pleasure and intimacy. The goal of tantric sex is to have each partner in complete harmony with one another where both sides give and receive pleasure in a mindful and spiritual practice. This can really bring together a couple or someone in a polyamorous relationship for a totally new type of joy and pleasure.

Adventure Sex

This fantasy is related to exhibitionism in the sense that it involves having sex in public. However, this usually happens in nature and in activities related to the outdoors. For example, having sex on a boat, in a hot spring, or even on a hike can be a totally different type of experience.

Submissive Versus Dominant Roles

When it comes to fantasy, it is not uncommon for women to switch roles between being submissive and dominant. Submitting to their partner can be a very powerful sensation for many women, making them feel secure, protected, and desired. On the other hand, women can also get into a dominant role, taking charge of everything and really exploring what they desire most.

Role Play

Similar to dominating and submitting roles, role play is a very common fantasy among women. It usually involves a scenario that is totally different from everyday life and often based on characters, stories, or interests. In other words, this is the perfect way of exploring extra sides of personalities and creating multiple identities to play out sexual fantasies with.

When it comes to sexual fantasies, women are just as capable of having complex ones as men. While each one might have a unique set of desires, there are many common sexual fantasies women have which go far beyond being “basic” or “simple.” From dominating to being dominated, from having multiple partners to having an audience, exploring roles in the bedroom to enjoying tantric sex, there are many different possibilities for women to discover when it comes to their sexual fantasies.

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