The top things people fantasize about

When it comes to desires, there are few things which can beat the power of fantasies. Fantasies are a part of the human psyche, and no matter what we might think of them, they remain an intriguing and deeply personal part of our personality. Fantasies can often remain hidden, a secret desire that is rarely, if ever, expressed, but can still hold a strong allure and influence.

What are the Top Things People Fantasize About?

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From the mundane to the outrageous, the top things people fantasize about are highly varied, and there is no ‘normal’ fantasy that is shared between all people. However, there are certain types which can be grouped into general ideas, and these include:

  1. Having More Money

One of the most common fantasies is about having more money. Desires for money often go beyond our current needs, and we can easily feel a pull to the idea of having more of it – often quite a lot more. From daydreams about winning the lottery or coming into a large inheritance, to the secret desire to have far more cash in our wallets, this is a fantasy which many of us have at one time or another.

  1. Changing Our Body

Our physical forms can be a major source of dissatisfaction, and body-related fantasies are common. Often these fantasies are about changing one aspect of our body, such as wanting to be shorter or taller than we currently are, or to have a curvier or more slender body shape. These fantasies can be as simple as wanting a flat stomach or being able to pull off a certain outfit, or as elaborate as wishing for a significant change such as plastic surgery.

  1. Exploring the Unknown

Fantasizing about exploring the unknown is an exciting and liberating concept for many of us, and it’s understandable why. Fantasizing about journeying to new places and learning new cultures can help us to connect with our curiosity and our eagerness for new experiences. It can also be a way of escaping from reality when we’re feeling overwhelmed our stuck.

  1. Having Exotic Dates

This fantasy is specifically about dates, not relationships, and it’s all about exploring fantasy scenarios with the object of your desire. It could be a secret rendezvous with an ex or a romantic date on a beach with a celebrity, or simply something romantic and exciting with your current partner. Whatever it is, these fantasies often make us feel excited and alive.

  1. Living a Luxurious and Glamorous Life

From living in a posh penthouse with the latest technology to attending grand parties in beautiful venues, living a luxurious life is a fantasy which is enjoyed by many. It’s particularly attractive if the current reality seems dull and mundane.

  1. Being Audacious with Risk

The idea of doing something wild and daring can be immensely appealing, and these fantasies often contain elements of risk or danger. It could be jumping out of a plane or tackling a thrilling motorcycle ride, or maybe even engaging in extreme sports. No matter what it is, it’s an expression of a desire for a thrilling experience which pushes us outside of our comfort zone.

  1. Having an Extravagant Lifestyle

With its emphasis on luxury and extravagance, this fantasy revolves around revelling in everything fine and elite. From having a personal butler at one’s beck and call to having a chauffeur-driven limousine of sipping exquisite cocktails in glamorous settings, this fantasy is all about enjoying the finer things in life.

Why Do People Fantasize?

Fantasizing can be a mental escape, a way of connecting with our dreams and secret desires while our conscious mind is engaged in the everyday. The idea of having adventures, changing our physical attributes, or staying in luxurious properties may not be achievable in real life, but through fantasy we can explore and discover our desires without the restrictions of time and money. It can also be an important tool for exploring our internal struggles and discovering our sense of selves.

How Do Fantasies Affect Behaviour?

The idea that fantasizing may somehow lead to bad behaviour or inappropriate actions is largely a myth, and it’s important to note that simply dreaming of something does not mean that one will engage in it. Fantasies can, however, motivate us to pursue goals in life, or help us to escape from it, often temporarily through activities like watching TV or movies, or daydreaming. Fantasizing can also provide a useful way of sorting out our thoughts and feelings, or allowing us to express ourselves without the fear of judgment.

Fantasies can have a place in our lives, and when approached with caution can be an invaluable tool for exploring our desires and connecting with our internal selves. People’s fantasies can be highly varied, from living a luxurious lifestyle to being audacious with risk, and while they may not necessarily match up with real life, they remain an intriguing and powerful part of the human psyche.

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