Escort Amy - Eastern European goddess


With every new addition to our already packed portfolio of escorts, we try to bring our clients, distinguished gentlemen from all over the world, something new. And with our little angel Amy, we’re pretty sure we did a great job! She’s a 5’4 delicate blonde princess, with long hair and the perfect body, just like Barbie. Her bust size is 32B, which makes her appreciated by every man on this planet, regardless of his tastes, while her gorgeous blue eyes gaze directly into your soul. She likes to party like no other and, by the way, she wears size 6 dresses, just in case you want to surprise her with a nice gift for your first date.

When it comes to the perfect scenario for getting to know a gentleman who wants to take things to the next level, escort Amy prefers exquisite bars. There, either on a high chair or on the dancefloor, she can be herself, while lustfully sipping from a Pornstar Martini. As you can see, we try to fill this description with some of her favorite things, to help you make a good first impression since you know how much this means. Therefore, now you know her dress size, her favorite cocktail & a little bit about her personality. Anything else? Oh, yes, she’s Eastern European, therefore you can only imagine the passion she puts into everything she does!

Zodiac sign & qualities: Leo – Escort Amy is lively, fun, loyal, and honest, just like any other Leo, but with something more! Our busty blonde babe demonstrates enthusiasm for life in every action & establishes great connections with everyone she meets. Of course, the longer you know her, the deeper the connection will be & she’ll allow you to “visit” more places of her body & soul. She wants gentlemen to be respectful, focused on her, and have enough experience to know how to handle her.

Favorite quote & application: “Fortune always favors the brave, and never helps someone who does not help themselves”. As you can already tell, Amy from Alma Escorts is determined. But, once you truly get to know her, you’ll know exactly how determined she is and, moreover, what sets her soul on fire. She believes in good fortune, just like anyone else, but she especially believes in herself.

Description of the perfect man: Beautiful blonde princess Amy wants her man to know his way around. What does this mean? It means that you have to know everything you should, before meeting her. Are you familiar with her prices? Check them on this page! Do you know her additional info (age, bust size, height)? Pay attention, we talked about it already & she’ll ask you! Do you already have an arrangement for the first date? Well, you should! Otherwise, it means you don’t want her enough!

Description of the perfect day: Baby Amy is one of our most lively escorts, therefore her perfect day is the one where she parties from dusk till dawn (or the other way around). Are you sure you can live up to her standards? Prove it now by calling us or booking her online – she’s already waiting for you, and her dress has just started to slip off her shoulders!





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    Additional information

    • Age20
    • Hair colorBlonde
    • Bust Size32B
    • Height5’4
    • EyesBlue
    • Dress sizes6
    • Partyyes
    • BisexualNo
    • DrinksPornstar martini
    • NationalityEastern European


    1. Simon Doherty:


    2. Krzys:

      Amazing Angel,very tasty girl.

    3. Micky:

      This lady turns me on so much

    4. Micky:

      The best lady

    5. Krzys:

      I look forward to next time with that beautiful supermodel

    6. Krzysztof:

      One of her genuine smiles gives me satisfaction forever

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