Women’s Top Sexual Fantasies

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Women’s Top Sexual Fantasies

For generations, female sexuality has been portrayed in many different ways. Women are seen as objects of beauty or a show of strength, they can be seen as temptresses, or powerful seducers. While there are a wide range of female sexual identities, each individual woman has her own desires and fantasies that she can bring to the bedroom. In this article, we will explore the top sexual fantasies for women.

Introduction to Women’s Sexual Fantasies

When it comes to sex, everyone is different and has their own desires and fantasies. Women are no different, with their own unique sexual fantasies. It not only helps them explore their sexuality and makes things more exciting between partners, but it also boosts self-esteem, intimacy, and allows for exploration of a woman’s body.

While every woman has their own fantasies and desires, there are some common themes amongst them. Understanding what they are can boost any relationship between partners.

The Most Common Sexual Fantasies Women Have

The following are some of the top fantasies women have when it comes to the bedroom.

Being Dominant
One of the most common fantasies that women have is being dominant. Women fantasise about being in control and taking charge in the bedroom. This can include things such as dominating the partner, telling them what to do, or taking control in a position.

Another fantasy many women have is watching someone else having sex. Voyeurism can be a thrilling experience for many women, giving them the opportunity to watch and experience the pleasure of other people from a distance. It can also be a great way to explore any hidden desires.

Having a Threesome
Having a threesome is also a popular fantasy amongst women, who often fantasise about having sex with more than one partner. This can involve fantasising about being pleasured at the same time or about having sex with two different partners.

Being Submissive
Being submissive can be an exciting experience, and one that many women fantasize about. Whether it’s being tied up or taken control of, being submissive can be a great way to explore new sexual fantasies. Women who are submissive often take pleasure in being pleasured and allowing their partner to take control of the experience.

The idea of anonymity is often an exciting one, especially when it comes to sex. Many women fantasize about having sex with someone without knowing who they are and about exploring their desires without the fear that their partner will judge them.

Having an Orgy
An orgy is a fantasy that many women share. The idea of being surrounded by multiple partners and getting pleasure from them all can be an incredibly thrilling experience. Women can explore their desires as well as being surrounded by additional people who are also getting pleasure.

Getting Pleasure from a Stranger
The idea of getting pleasure from a stranger can be an incredibly exhilarating one, and it is something that many women fantasise about. The idea of meeting someone new, exploring their desires, and getting pleasure from a stranger can be incredibly thrilling.

Role Play
Role play can be an incredibly exciting experience, and one that many women fantasise about. From being a ‘captive’ who is tied up, to dressing up as schoolgirls, role-play fantasies can be a great way to explore hidden desires and have an exciting time in the bedroom.

Erotic Massage
For many women, the idea of getting an erotic massage can be an exciting one. Not only are massages calming and relaxing, but they can also be incredibly erotic and pleasurable. The idea of someone paying attention to them and massaging away their stresses can be an incredibly thrilling experience.

Being in Public
The thrill of being in public can be an incredibly exciting one. Whether it’s being watched while engaging in sex acts, or simply taking pleasure in being in a public area, the thrill of being discovered can be incredibly exciting for women.

The Benefits of Exploring Sexual Fantasies

Exploring sexual fantasies can be incredibly beneficial for both partners. For women, it can allow them to explore their desires and to feel empowered by their sexuality. It can also provide an opportunity to spice up the bedroom and to make sex even more enjoyable.

For partners, exploring each other’s fantasies can be beneficial too. By understanding what the other person is into, it can create a deeper level of emotional connection and understanding. It also allows partners to experiment and explore different things, which can provide an opportunity for greater intimacy within a relationship.


In conclusion, women have many different sexual fantasies. From being dominant, to role-play, to having an orgy, there are many different fantasies that women have when it comes to sex. By understanding and exploring these fantasies, it can provide an opportunity for greater intimacy and connection between partners. Ultimately, exploring sexual fantasies can provide a great opportunity for women to feel empowered by their sexuality and to enjoy an even more pleasurable bedroom experience.

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