What Women Want in Bed: Things You Should Know

Knowing what women want in bed is crucial in maintaining a healthy sex life with a partner. While women’s desires for specific activities can vary, there are some basics to consider if you truly want to please and satisfy her. Whether you’re a casual lover or in a serious relationship, here is a list of what women generally want in bed to help you become the best partner in the world.

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Start with Foreplay

Women are not always in the mood for full-on intercourse. Sometimes, it’s important to take your time and go slow. Many women find foreplay satisfying in and of itself. Foreplay can include many sexy activities like kissing, caressing, massage, and licking. Don’t forget to incorporate handjobs, fingering, oral sex, and even dirty talk into the mix to keep things interesting.

Communication is Key

The key to pleasing a woman is communication. In order for you to know what women want in bed, you have to understand her individual preferences. Some women enjoy particular types of stimulation, while others have certain sexual fantasies they’d like to explore. Be sure to talk openly and honestly about your desires and what you both enjoy. If something’s not working, ask her what she’d like instead.

Acknowledging her Pleasure

Women often take longer to reach orgasm than men, and thus, they may appreciate a little gentle reminders of pleasure during sex. It’s important to make sure she’s feeling pleasure throughout the entire act. It can be words of encouragement, reassuring touches, or simply connecting with her through eye contact. If she enjoys it, let her know you appreciate it and want to give her more. Acknowledging her pleasure shows her that you care about her satisfaction.

Pay Attention to Her Body Language

Pay attention to the signs she’s giving you. Does she look relaxed and content? Are her hips moving with yours? Is there some arching in her back? Her body language is a great indicator of what she likes and doesn’t like in bed. Confidence comes from knowing that you’re understanding her needs and wants.

Let Her Take Control

Women often like to take control in bed. Some may like her partner to take charge, but most women enjoy being in control at some point during sex. Use her cues to determine when she wants to take over and let her lead the way. It can be extremely pleasurable to have someone else take the reins and show you the moves that drive them wild with passion. Letting her take control will make her feel empowered and appreciated.

Choose the Right Positions

When it comes to sex, positions play a huge role in a woman’s experience. The right ones can increase her arousal and bring her closer to orgasm. Doggy style and the spooning position are both great for deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation. Other popular sex positions include Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, and the Butterfly. Experiment until you find what works for both of you and alternates regularly.

Make Use of Toys

Sex toys can add a fun and exciting element to your sex life. Toys can help you target her special areas and stimulate her in ways you didn’t know were possible. Consider adding sex toys to your bedroom routine to give her an amazing experience. Vibrators, clitoral stimulators, and penis rings are all excellent options.

Make Sure to Set the Mood

The environment can play a huge factor in her level of arousal and pleasure. A bedroom that’s too cluttered or noisy can be distracting and make it difficult to really focus on each other and the sex. Make sure your bedroom is a place she can feel comfortable and relaxed. Low light, cozy blankets, and an inviting scent can all help set the mood.

Show Her Gratitude

After the fun is done, take a few moments to show her some appreciation. Let her know that entering an intimate setting with her was a privilege and you’re happy to have done it with her. Show her that she is beautiful and that you enjoyed your experience with her. A simple thank you or kiss of gratitude can go a long way in making her feel appreciated.

Knowing what women want in bed can be challenging, even to the most experienced partners. The key is to understand that every woman is different and that communication is the best way to discover her desires. Keep an open dialogue and take her cues in order to give her the best experience possible. Once you understand her needs, you can give her the pleasure she craves.

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