What Women Want in Bed but Are too Ashamed to Ask

There is a common stereotype that women want different things than men in the bedroom. While it’s true that men and women tend to have some distinct preferences, every individual is different. What one woman might want in bed another might not even think about. So, it pays to be open and understanding when it comes to knowing what your partner might actually want.

Sadly, many women are too ashamed or embarrassed to ask for the things they want in the bedroom, leaving them feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled in their sexual adventures. But the truth is that most of the things women want in bed are pretty straightforward – they just need to be asked for.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the things women want in bed but are often too scared to ask for. Read on to find out how you can better understand what your partner is seeking and create a sexual experience that fully satisfies her desires.

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Why Women Don’t Ask For What They Want in Bed

Women rarely want something that strange or outside the realm of a normal bedroom experience. The truth is often that they’re just too embarrassed or ashamed to bring it up, leaving them feeling unable to properly express their wants and needs.

In some cases, it may feel like admitting that they want certain things in bed is a sign of being too “kinky” or even inappropriate. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Everyone has their own desires, and it’s more than okay to ask for them to be addressed.

To make sure these feelings don’t get in the way of creating a sexy environment, it’s essential for sexual partners to create an atmosphere of openness, encouragement, and safety. When a woman knows she’ll be accepted and supported, she’ll feel much more able to vocalize her feelings and needs.

What Women Want In Bed

So, what do women want in bed that they’re afraid to ask for? Let’s explore a few common desires to get an idea:

  1. Foreplay

It’s surprising how often people ignore foreplay, as it can actually be the most pleasurable and satisfying part of the sexual experience. Women often want more time to fully enjoy the strategy of aroused before the main event.

  1. Slow Sex

Women want to savor the sensations and emotions that come with sex. If their partner hurries through the experience, it can make them feel as though they’re not being respected or taken seriously.

  1. Words of Endearment

Many women are shy about expressing their feelings in the bedroom, but hearing sweet words from their partner can make a big difference. Women often feel more comfortable asking for these terms if their partner starts, as this makes them feel connected and understood.

  1. Prolonged Intimacy

It’s not uncommon for women to feel frustrated when their partner just jumps right in and finishes quickly. To keep the lovemaking going, take some time to cuddle, kiss, and comfortably enjoy being close.

  1. More Emotional Reactions

Women can often benefit from knowing that their partner is enjoying the experience just as much as they are. That’s why they so often want to hear reactions like “oh my goodness,” “that feels so good,” or even just some passionate moans.

  1. Stronger Communication

Communication is key, and it often plays a big part in a woman’s desire to explore her own pleasure. Thankfully, becoming a master in this area can be quite simple. Start by asking questions like “are you enjoying this?” or “what would you like me to do?”

  1. New Positions

When people have been together for a while, it’s easy to slip into same habits when it comes to sex. Adding a bit of spice or variety often comes from experimenting with different positions that will create a pleasurable new sensation.

  1. Sex Toys

There’s no denying that sex toys can bring about incredible new experiences. From vibrators and dildos to handcuffs and blindfolds, each person in the bedroom can enjoy intense orgasms and heightened pleasure.

  1. Roleplay or Fantasy

So many women feel inhibited naturally and fear what their partner might think if they act on these desires. However, there’s no harm in exploring fantasies as long as both partners are comfortable. Dress-up, costumes, and imaginative settings can all be fun activities.

  1. More Oral Pleasure

An often-overlooked type of pleasure, oral sex can be incredibly enjoyable for women. When a partner gets creative, it can be absolutely divine. Take the time to switch things up and focus on finding your partner’s perfect “hot spots” for maximum pleasure.

Make Sure Your Partner Feels Comfortable Asking

Knowing what your partner wants in bed can be incredibly beneficial, but they also need to know their desires are being respected. Therefore, it’s essential to create a safe environment in which your partner feels comfortable to vocalize wants and needs.

If a partner has a hard time watching a woman open up to their desires, it’s important to take a step back and take the time to really listen and understand what she’s trying to communicate.

Be patient, show support and love, and remember that sex should be just as much fun for her as it is for you. Once you both learn how to communicate effectively and make sure everyone’s needs are addressed, the bedroom can become a place of pure pleasure.

The bedroom is often an area of mystery and mystery, and women often feel unable to vocalize what they want, even if it’s something quite common. Understanding the feelings behind this can give partners the ability to create a safe space in which their partner can explore their desires without fear.

By paying attention to her body language and taking the time to listen, partners can discover items each woman wants in the bedroom but might be too embarrassed ask for. With open communication and an understanding of her wants and needs, a pleasurable and satisfying experience in the bedroom can be achieved.

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