What Men Like In Bed: Things They Want & Absolutely Lust

When it comes to sex and relationships, there are few topics that are as fraught and speculative as what men like in bed. Whether you’re looking to spice up your relationship life or feel insecure about a particular move in the bedroom, understanding what men like in bed is key for bringing that spark back to your love life. Luckily, we can look at surveys, scientific studies, and anecdotes to paint us a picture of what it takes to make a man’s heart race in the bedroom.

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What do Men Like in Bed? 8 Things They Desperately Crave

No man is exactly the same when it comes to preferences in the bedroom, but a few general themes tend to arise across all men’s preferences. Below is a list of eight things that the vast majority of men generally find irresistible in bed.

  1. Compliments

Compliments make us all feel special, but there’s something uniquely powerful when it comes to hearing compliments from a partner in bed. Men love being sensually praised for their skills and appearance.

  1. Passionate Kissing

Most men appreciate a good make-out session just as much as women do; it’s as much a part of foreplay as anything else. Men love feeling desired, and passionate kiss have a way of setting the stage for a wild night.

  1. Dirty Talking

Men love to hear all the naughty fantasies that their partner has. Whether it’s discussing a wild romp in the park that you’d like to have together or recounting a particularly sensual experience to one another, men love getting a glimpse into the naughty side of their partner’s mind in the bedroom.

  1. Making Eye Contact

Most men love making eye contact while being intimate. Nothing makes them feel wanted and desired more than when their partner’s eyes are fixed on them. It’s one of the most intimate things a couple can do in the bedroom.

  1. Slow Striptease

Many men find the slowest striptease to be incredibly erotic. It’s an art form that combines allurement with tease and builds up anticipatory suspense. Men can’t help but get hot and bothered when their partner is dancing and shedding their clothing with poise.

  1. Eye-rolling Orgasms

Most men love to see their partner enjoying themselves in bed. Whether through moaning, screaming, or simply a glazed-over expression, knowing that a partner is enjoying themselves in the bedroom is often a huge turn-on for men.

  1. Blow Jobs

It should come as no surprise that men love getting blowjobs. There’s something unique about receiving pleasure orally that many men find deeply satisfying. Teasing, arousing, and knowing what they like makes this one a winner in the bedroom.

  1. Long Foreplay

Most men enjoy a slow and sensual build up before taking things to the next level. Foreplay brings out the passion and excitement that can make a night truly special. When it comes to what men like in bed, nothing can beat a good session of extended foreplay.

Common Themes Behind What Men Like in Bed

While the list above can provide helpful tips and suggestions, there are some common themes behind all of them. Ultimately, strong relationships revolve around trust, respect, and open communication. When a couple builds those foundations, it’s easier to talk about what makes them feel good in the bedroom. To truly fulfill the needs of a male partner, it’s important to remember the following:

• Make Him Feel Appreciated: Men love feeling appreciated. A few simple compliments here and there can go a long way in making them feel desired. Compliments don’t have to be physical; they can be about who they are as a partner and lover as well.

• Show Interest In His Pleasure: Men want to know that their pleasure matters. This doesn’t mean to perfect his pleasure, but expressing interest in it and validating it when things feel good in the bedroom can go a long way. Asking questions and even giving feedback can make a huge difference in how men enjoy sex.

• Communicate Openly About How You Feel: It’s very important for men to feel that their partner is comfortable with expressing their own desires and wants in the bedroom. This doesn’t have to mean vocalizing them at every turn, but men need cues that it’s OK to explore and act upon mutual desires.

• Trust & Respect: Ultimately, trust and respect are key in any relationship. While that goes for the bedroom as well, trust and respect are especially important in the bedroom. Being able to trust someone in a vulnerable place where two people are engaged in physical pleasure with one another is key to a strong and healthy sex life.

Things Women Can Try to Heat Up the Bedroom

Want to bring some heat back into the bedroom in a way that most men will appreciate? Here are some hot tips and tricks for getting his engine revving:

• Wear Something Sexy: Nothing can get a man in the mood more than seeing their partner dressed up in an outfit that they find attractive. Whether it’s some lingerie or a naughty costume, this is sure to get him in the mood.

• Play With Temperature: Alternating hot and cold sensual surprises can turn mundane sex into an adventure. Alternating hot and cold elements in the bedroom can liven things up.

• Incorporate Toys: Toys can make a huge difference in the bedroom. From simple vibrators to more complex sex machines, there is a wide variety of toys that can spice up the bedroom for both him and her.

• Tease: Teasing is a great way to build up the anticipation and pleasure. Teasing can also help delay the point of ejaculation if that’s something that a couple is looking for.

• Mutual Masturbation: Mutual masturbation is a great way for both partners to get pleasure and to stay in contact with one another. It’s a great way to show one another what each partner likes and to create an intimate connection with one another.

• Spice Things Up: Whether it’s handcuffing one another or investing in bondage kits, some people are drawn to the element of surprise and surprise you can only get from exploring new fantasies and activities.

• Concentrate on the Nipplies: Women often forget just how sensitive the nipples are. When it comes time to pleasure your man, don’t forget about the nipples. A little bit of teasing here and there can be enough to turn the heat up mid-session.

• Open Conversation About Fantasies: As we mentioned before, men love it when women let them know their fantasies. It shows that you trust him and feel comfortable enough to let your wild side out. Don’t be afraid to explore new avenues of pleasure with one another.

Wrapping Things Up – What Men Love In Bed

The above list of eight things are just the basics of what men typically like in bed. Every man is different, and it’s important to keep open communication between partners as to what feels good and what they are both comfortable with. However, some of the above tactics – such as open conversation about fantasies, teasing, and passionate kissing – can be used as a starting point to bring some spark and passion back to the bedroom.

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