What Is the Etiquette for Breaking Up With an Escort

escort etiquette

Introduction: What Is Etiquette?

Etiquette is a set of principles or norms of behavior that guide people in different situations in terms of what’s expected and accepted. When it comes to breakups, an escort and client relationship takes special consideration due to the nature of the arrangement. No matter what the circumstances, breaking up with an escort should always be done with respect, but there are some additional etiquette rules that should be observed and adhered to.

Etiquette for Cutting Ties With an Escort

Be Respectful
No matter the situation, being respectful towards the escort is non-negotiable when it comes to breaking up with them. Even if there are unresolved issues or hurt feelings, still take the high road and stay respectful. No one wants to be berated or insulted, no matter what their occupation.

Give Reasons for the Breakup
If the escort, who is likely to be more emotionally invested in the arrangement than the client, deserves an explanation, give it to them. Explain to them why the engagement is ending and be as honest as you can without crossing any lines that could be damaging or hurtful.

Have a Face-To-Face Conversation
The mature and respectful thing to do is to have an in-person conversation to officially end the arrangement. This is the best way to ensure that your message comes across clearly and without any confusion.

Offer a Parting Gift
If it’s within the budget, a thoughtful parting gift is a good way to demonstrate appreciation for their time and the service provided. Whether it’s an expensive token of appreciation or something simple like offering a few extra hours of companionship, a gift will show the escort that their efforts were not taken for granted.

Don’t Make False Promises
When breaking up with an escort, it’s not a good idea to make false promises about staying in touch, reconnecting, or continuing to receive any services. Avoid any suggestion of false hope, because escorts may view it as a sign of disrespect.

Don’t Use Social Media
In this day and age, it’s tempting to take the easy way out and just end things with a text or post, especially if it’s an unpleasant breakup. However, this isn’t professional or respectful, and it’s important to avoid using social media to break up.


When ending a client-escort relationship, it’s important to keep etiquette in mind and be respectful. Consider having a face-to-face conversation and see if a parting gift is within the budget. Give an honest explanation for the breakup and make sure to not make false promises or use social media to break up. Following these tips will ensure that all parties are treated respectfully and that the breakup is as amiable as possible.

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