What Age Do Men Stop Being Sexually Active?

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What Age Do Men Stop Being Sexually Active?

As one age, different changes occur and the body tends to respond to various events differently in various stages. Aging impacts various body and reproductive systems, hence, men and women stop being sexually active due to increasing age. In this article, we will discuss what age men stop being sexually active.

What Does it Mean to Be Sexually Active? The term ‘sexually active’ means a person is engaged in sexual activities, whether it is sexual intercourse, oral sex, masturbation, or even an intimate session. Becoming sexually active also involves being in an intimate bond with a partner, which could be for physical pleasure or for relationships leading to marriage.

When Does Sexually Active Decline as Age Increases? When it comes to men, age appears to be the biggest factor. Some studies suggest that the typical male finds his peak in sexual activity between 18 and 30 years of age. But studies have indicated that after the age of 30, sexual activity starts to decline, and some state it drops rapidly.

Reasons Why Men Stop Being Sexually Active with Age

There are several reasons why men stop being sexually active with age. Let us discuss some of them here:

Hormone Therapy At the age of around 40 to 50, men go through a phase called andropause. This is when a clear decrease in sex drive happens due to a decrease in testosterone. This lack of testosterone is the major reason for men’s waning libido. It has been observed that the male hormone, testosterone reduces significantly and remains steady from the age of 30-40.

Stress With increasing age, stress levels start to increase. The regular stress of work, kids and responsibilities keep men from being sexually active. A life buzzing with problems makes men lose interest in physical activities.

Poor Health Poor health due to poor lifestyle habits takes its toll on sexual life. Poor diet and lack of exercise lead to increased body fat, hypertension, stress, and low libido. With age, men can face many physical and psychological disorders which can decrease their sexual activities.

Weak Body A weak body or weak physical strength can result in an inability to perform during sexual activities. With age, men tend to get weaker and weaker, leading to reduced sexual activities.

Low Self Esteem As men age, they often struggle to maintain physical strength and shape. This makes them feel that they don’t look attractive anymore. Men suffering from low self-esteem will often deny being sexually active.

Perceptions of Old Age In most cultures, older people are often seen as weak and with poor physical and mental health. This often keeps them from engaging in sexual activities.

Medications and Other Substances There are various medications that can result in decreased sexual activity. Some substances such as alcohol, recreational drugs, and tobacco can cause performance anxiety and reduce libido.

Tips to Remain Sexually Active Though it may seem difficult, with proper attention to health and lifestyle, men can still stay sexually active even after their aging years. Here are some tips to help you remain sexually active in old age.

Eat Healthy and Exercise Eating healthy, as well as exercising regularly, can help boost testosterone levels, therefore, aiding in sexual activity.

Address Health Issues Any underlying health issues may result in poor libido. Consult a physician in case of any health issues.

Avoid Stress Stress is one of the major reasons for decreased sexual activity in men. With age, stress levels increase; however, engaging in activities like yoga, meditation, and exercise can keep stress levels in check.

Connect with Your Partner In order for an intimate connection between partners to be maintained, connecting with your partner is vital. Share physical activities, communication and spend quality time with one another.

Talk to Your Doctor If you are facing challenging issues, it’s best to visit your doctor and have a discussion regarding your mental and physical health.

Conclusion As age increases, it is natural for men to face a decrease in their sex drive. This is caused due to several factors such as reducing testosterone, stress, poor health habits, and other medical conditions. To stay sexually active, men should take good care of their physical and mental health, have a healthy lifestyle, remain stress-free, and engage in physical activities with their partner.

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