Tips for Understanding Your Client’s Sexual Needs

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The activity of engaging in one of the most intimate practices imaginable, sex, can range from absolutely wonderful, to terribly uncomfortable with a partner. This is why understanding a client’s sexual needs, whatever they may be, is so important. As a sex worker, it is essential to the success of your business to first understand your client’s physical, emotional and sexual needs before engaging in any sexual activities. Ultimately, understanding and comfort is key to successful client satisfaction, and who knows – it might even help you gain some repeat clients. Here are some tips for understanding your client’s sexual needs more effectively.

Creating a Safe Space

Creating a safe and comfortable space between you and your client is an essential part of understanding, and getting to know, their sexual needs. It allows you, as the sex worker, to feel more secure in the client’s presence and, more importantly, allows the client the freedom to share and express their desires openly and honestly with you. This can be done through introducing yourself to the client with your nametag, creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere in the room, initiating small talk and exchanging pleasantries, as well as inviting the client to ask and answer any questions related to the sexual encounter.

Asking the Right Questions

Questions can often be the best tool to gaining an understanding of what a client desires sexually. Asking clear and concise questions pertaining to the client’s physical, emotional and sexual needs can better help a sex worker in understanding what sort of encounter the client is looking for. Some example questions might include:

• What does your fantasy look like?

• What are your hard limits?

• How can I make you feel comfortable?

• Would you like the lights off/on during this encounter?

• Is there anything in particular that you would like me to do?

• Are there any positions or activities you are interested in exploring?

• Is there anything that you would prefer that is not part of the package?

• How will your preferred limit affect the activities available?

• Would you like a massage or to be touched elsewhere?

• What would make you feel most satisfied?

• What type of contact would you like us to have during our session?

Even if the questions are relatively obvious, they are still important to ask and need to be asked. Asking these questions demonstrates not only your competence and flexibility, but also your respect for the client’s wishes and desires.

Demonstrating Respect

No matter what your client’s physical, emotional and sexual needs are, it is important to show that you respect their limits and their wishes. Ensure that you never push a client to do something that they are not comfortable with and, if necessary, be willing to adjust or completely alter the encounter to better suit their needs and desires. Doing this demonstrates to the client that you acknowledge their limits and that you want to understand and make them feel comfortable. Respectful clients often come back for more!

Maintaining Clear Communication

Clear communication is key in ensuring that the client’s needs are met and that both parties are satisfied with the session. As a sex worker, you will need to ensure that every step of the process is communicated properly. This means that prior to beginning any sexual activities, you will need to ensure that the client has understood your limits and preferences and, in turn, that the client has conveyed their needs properly. Additionally, once the session has commenced, don’t be afraid to communicate with the client during the session to ensure that each and every one of their needs are being met.

Educating Yourself

Educating yourself on the different physical, emotional and sexual needs a client may have is another essential in understanding them. It is important that you remain aware of different sexual preferences as well as different activities, equipment and/or toys that a client may want to incorporate into the session. It is also important to be aware of the different methods of pleasure that can be achieved through different activities. This way, you will be prepared for any sort of situation that may come about.

Try to Put Yourself in the Client’s Shoes

One of the best tips to understanding a client’s sexual needs is to try to think as they do. Put yourself in their shoes and try to imagine what it would be like if you were in their position. Doing this will give you a better idea of what they are expecting during the session and how they feel. Additionally, it allows you the freedom to suggest activities that the client may not even think of, and may even be open to during the session!


Overall, understanding a client’s sexual needs is a key element in any successful client engagement and satisfaction. Establishing a comfortable and safe environment, asking the right questions, showing respect for the client’s limits, maintaining clear communication, educating yourself and putting yourself in their shoes are just a few of the best tips to do so. Use these and ultimately take the same approach that you would want applied to you: understanding and respect. Understanding a client’s sexual needs is essential to any successful sex worker as it allows them to provide the best services possible, thus ensuring satisfaction and repeat business.

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