The Top Sexual Fantasies for Men

common male sexual fantasy

What are the Top Sexual Fantasies for Men?

It’s no secret that some adult fantasies can be incredibly intense. Where some people’s fantasies are off-the-wall and outrageous, others’ can be much more tantalizing and sexual. Men, in particular, often have vivid sexual fantasies. Here, we dive into the top sexual fantasies for men and explore how to safely enjoy them.

Introduction to Sexual Fantasies

The psychological phenomenon of sexual fantasy is a way for people to satisfy their innermost desires in a safe, consensual, and private way. A sexual fantasy is any situation that brings a person sexual pleasure, regardless of whether or not it can be realistically accomplished. Fantasies can be anything from sexual intercourse with a stranger to dominatrix roleplay. No matter your feelings or desires, anything consensual can be a sexual fantasy for some people.

It’s important to emphasize that fantasies remain that: fantasies. They should never be acted out in a way that could cause physical or emotional harm to any involved positions. Always seek consent and use caution when exploring these desires.

Top Sexual Fantasies for Men:

Group Sex
Group sex is likely the most popular sexual fantasy among men. Going a step further, many men fantasize about being the center of attention in an orgy. This fantasy can often be accomplished through swingers groups or attending swingers parties.

Being Dominated
Men enjoy being attracted to strong-willed women, who take control in the bedroom. Having a woman take charge can fulfill his sexual desires as well as his desire to be submissive.

Watching/Being Watched
The thrill of someone watching during sex can be intoxicating. Peep shows are one way to achieve this fantasy, or you and your partner can roleplay the dynamic.

Some men have a sexual fantasy of having sex in public. This type of fantasy is best experienced in a safe and comfortable environment, such as a hotel instead of fully exposed in a public place.

Voyeurism is the fantasy of being a sexual voyeur — a.k.a. a “peeping tom”. This means watching someone else have sex, or being watched as you have sex. Again, this fantasy should only be explored in a safe environment.

Men often fantasize about being dominant and owning the space. Many men have a desire for power and control, which can be explored and fulfilled through dominant sexual roleplay.

Sex with a Stranger
Having sexual intercourse with a stranger can fulfill one’s fantasy of no-strings-attached sex. Even though many people don’t act on this desire, it remains a common, forbidden fantasy.

Power Exchange
Power exchange dynamics can be incredibly alluring and erotic. Roleplaying a slave and master dynamic, or a policewoman and criminal scene, can be a way to explore this fantasy.

For some men, submission can be a liberating and humble experience. Being completely taken over and having someone else decide your pleasure can be incredibly sexy.

Shameful Desires
The taboo of a shameful desire can be incredibly hot. Men may fantasize about being called dirty words, playing out their desires in a way that may feel shameful or embarrassing.

Making Fantasy a Reality

When fantasies are acted out in a safe and consensual way that does not harm any of the participants, then fantasies can be explored to the fullest. It can be imperative to communicate with your partner to ensure that all boundaries and interests align. There are various ways to bring these fantasies to life, from swinging clubs to attending scening classes.


All fantasies — no matter how taboo — can be enjoyable when explored safely and consentfully. Men have a multitude of fantasies, from group sex to submission roleplay. These fantasies don’t have to remain fantasies; they can be explored and enjoyed in a responsible, grownup way.

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