The History Of Escorts in the World

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The History of Escorts: A Brief Overview

For centuries, companionship has been sought in many forms — from high-powered courtesans to streetwalkers. What they all have in common is the desire to provide some kind of special connection with another person. While some are more open and legal than others, the history of escorting has been long and storied. This article is an exploration of that history — from the ancient era to the modern era.

Historical Roots of the Escorting Profession

The escorting profession can trace its beginnings to ancient societies. In ancient Greece, those seeking professional companionship could find it in the form of the hetaera. These skilled courtesans were educated and well-connected, and sought out by wealthy citizens to provide services ranging from conversation to sexual intimacy.

In the Middle Ages, courtesans still had a special place in society, though they took on a more shadowy form with their links to the criminal underworld. In Europe, they often did not advertise openly as escorts, but instead operated through taverns and watering holes.

In the modern era, the escorting profession took on a number of different forms. It was often associated with such professions as actors, dancers, masseuses, and bar staff. The 1920s saw the emergence of professional escort agencies, often placed in exclusive hotels or resorts.

Types of Escorts in Contemporary Society

The modern day escort market is full of diverse and varied services. Here are some of the types of escorts that have emerged over time:

High-Class Escorts: Generally well-educated or professionally experienced, high-end escorts are found in exclusive places such as high-end hotels, theater events, and restaurants.

VIP Escorts: These types of escorts tend to serve higher-end clientele and usually provide more personalized services and care.

Travel Companions: This type of escort accompanies clients on trips, either to business meetings, vacation spots, or private events.

Sex Workers: Sex workers are an integral part of the escorting industry and can offer services such as “full-service” companionship, stripping, massage and more.

Strip Club Escorts: Escorts can also provide services in relation to strip clubs, either by escorting customers to a club or as an employee.

The Benefits of Professional Escorts

There are many positive aspects to the escorting profession. For those seeking companionship, it is often the perfect way to meet and spend time with people from different backgrounds and experiences. Escorts have been known to provide a sense of safety and security for those on trips or for people in unfamiliar locations.

For some clients, escorts provide an opportunity to engage in activities they may not otherwise have access to, such as special events and shows. Escorts also can provide a valuable service in dealing with issues related to loneliness, such as providing a sense of companionship and understanding.

The escorting profession is not without its risks, however. For both clients and companions, it is important to take all safety precautions and pay heed to the rules of the profession in order to provide an enjoyable experience for all involved.

The Legality of Escorting Around the World

As with any profession, the legal status of escorting depends on the country or region. While some countries have legalized and regulated the profession, in others it is still considered illegal. Here a few examples of countries with various approaches to escorting:

United States: Escorting is legal in some states but not in others. Generally, prostitution is not allowed and the profession can only be conducted between consenting adults in billing relationship.

United Kingdom: Prostitution is illegal in the UK, however escorts are allowed to advertise and provide services in a strictly regulated manner.

Canada: Escorting is legal in Canada, though the Canadian government has set limits on the type of services escorts may provide.

Australia: Prostitution is partially criminalized in Australia, however escorts are allowed to advertise and provide services within certain guidelines.

Germany: Prostitution is legal in Germany, and escorts are legally allowed to advertise and provide services.


The history of escorting is long and varied, but it continues to provide a valuable service in many places around the world. Whether it’s providing companionship or helping clients achieve certain goals, escorting is often seen as a necessary profession for meeting a variety of needs. Though the profession is still highly regulated and each country has its own set of laws, escorting remains a viable option for those seeking professional companionship.

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