Sexy, Dirty and Freaky Things to Do in Bed

Everyone wants to experience a little wildness in the bedroom to spice up the relationship. While we all may have our own favorite bedroom activities, sex can become a little stale over time. To keep those pumping hearts feeling the fireworks, here are some sexy, dirty and freaky things to do in bed.

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Foreplay Ideas to Make it Hotter

Foreplay is an important part of bedroom activities, not just because it builds anticipation and keeps things interesting, but because it provides ample opportunity to express our desires and turn us on. Here are some ways to make things hot with foreplay:

• Try something creative to get each other aroused. Think of unusual sensations, teasing and tantalizing for some unique experiences sure to bring to a different level of pleasure.

• Try roleplaying. Bring out characters and enact a scenario to explore each other’s desires.

• Use some body paint to have a mix of colors, flavors, and sensations as you paint your bodies and explore what nature can offer.

• Give each other an irresistible massage. Using sweet-smelling oils can add spice to this activity.

• Use feathers and other soft materials to play with each other’s bodies.

• Do a strip tease or a lap dance to heat things up.

• Have a pillow fight for some fun and lightheartedness.

Kinky Bedroom Activities

Add a bit of kink to the bedroom activities, so as to inject a dose of surprise and spice up the sex life. Here are some ways to do so:

• Try bondage and domination. Using sex toys, handcuffs, and blindfolds can ignite desire and passion.

• Try different sex positions that challenge your body in different ways.

• Try a threesome or a foursome for some exciting and unexpected moments.

• Explore the rough side of sex, to feel that overwhelming sensation of pleasure. Spanking, biting, and scratching.

• Have a sex marathon. Orgies and group sex can elevate pleasure levels.

• Enjoy a bit of food play. Ice cream, melted chocolate, or honey can be licked in all the right places.

• Experiment with temperature. Using warm or cold elements on each other’s bodies for a unique sensation.

• Enjoy some anal sex, if that’s what both parties are comfortable with.

• Introduce sex toys as a third partner in the bed.

• Experience a bit of fetishes for some filtered pleasure.

• Try the wheelbarrow sex position or something crazier.

Best Sex Tips for Beginners

For beginners, sex can be intimidating and really put them off, if it starts out terribly. Here’s a few tips to make it pleasing for the first few rounds:

• Start with a sensuous massage. Let the hands do the talking and let the body relax.

• Enjoy some gentle romance. Hold each other up and whisper sweet nothings to have a better understanding.

• Communicate, communicate, communicate. Wanting different things is completely normal. Talk about it before getting into bed.

• Try slow and smooth moves. Explore each other’s bodies and listen to what they want.

• Start with oral sex. Envelop yourselves in pleasure and build-up the anticipation.

• Use lubricants for a smoother and longer playtime.

• Stop when the other partner wishes to. Respect the needs and wants of your partner to create a bond of mutual pleasure.

• Use mood-enhancing pills. Kama Sutra and Love Potion are great options.

• Have some snacks to keep energy levels steady throughout the session.

• Dim the light or use candles to set the mood.

Top Dos and Don’ts in the Bedroom

For a long, lasting sexual relationship, it is important to keep certain doesn’ts and dos in mind:

• Do: engross yourself in the moment and show appreciation for your partner.

• Do: Experiment and find out what works best for you through trial and error.

• Do: Reassure each other of your commitments and intentions.

• Do: Utilize the toys and oral sex to add fun to the experience.

• Do: Pamper each other post-sex, just cuddling and snuggling.

• Don’t: Rush into sex. Foreplay plays a vital role in each session.

• Don’t: Make the bedroom all about sex. Mix it up and make it fun by trying games and activities in bed.

• Don’t: Use the same positions every time. Get creative and dare to experiment.

• Don’t: Be too loud or forceful; adopt changes naturally when needed.

• Don’t: Compare sex with what you see in movies. It takes time to develop a sexual chemistry built on trust and understanding.

Overall, add a little bit of kink to the bedroom to make the relationship spice up and to bring out the best of the sexual chemistry between the two of you. Don’t be shy and don’t think too much. Just trust each other and give each other the pleasure desired. The laundry of sex activities is never-ending but the bedroom should be the court where likeminded people can share their fantasies and find the best for their relationship.

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