Sex Positions You Need to Put on Your Bucket List

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Sex Positions You Need to Put on Your Bucket List

Having incredible, mind-blowing sex should be on everyone’s bucket list. There are so many amazing sex positions out there to explore that you may never know the ones you like best. Here we present the sex positions you need to put on your bucket list, so you can make them part of your sex life and experience astounding orgasmic pleasure.

A Quick Note Before Doing Anything

Before trying these sex positions, it’s important to remember to practice proper safety with your partner. It’s essential to be sure both parties are properly lubricated and have discussed any possible discomfort that can come with a certain move. Talk about boundaries and if something makes you uncomfortable, be sure to discuss it with your partner.

Top Essential Sex Positions to Try

When it comes to amazing sex, experience is key. To get the most out of your sex life, try the following sex positions. These sex positions need to be on your bucket list if you want to become a sex goddess.

Reverse Cowgirl
This is a classic! Reverse Cowgirl is sure to make you and your partner go wild. The trick is that you are in control when it comes to the pace, angle and depth. Have your partner lie down, then straddle him and make your moves. Ride him while he takes in the glorious view of you grinding around. It’s an undeniably sexy position that should definitely be on your list.

The Side-By-Side Straddle
Both of you get to unleash your inner, seductive selves with this amazing sex position. It’s often best done in a low bed or sofa and is unbelievably intimate. To begin, straddle your partner and make sure he’s equally comfortable and can fit his penis between your legs. The simultaneous, deep thrusts are sure to enhance your pleasure.

The Butterfly
This one is all about the famous G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. All you’ll need is a firm and reliable surface, such as the floor or a bed. Have your partner kneel in front of you and enter you from behind, then he’ll lift your hips for an incredible angle for him. This will hit all your spots and will most certainly be at the top of your list.

The Crisscross
This is the sex position for intercourse that takes the classic missionary position to the next level. You can straddle your partner while facing her, then enter her while grabbing her around her waist or hips. What makes this position so amazing is the intimacy and intensity with which you can thrust and enjoy deep, passionate sex.

The Seated Straddle
This is sure to be the hidden gem of sex positions that should definitely be on your list. You’ll feel so much pleasure with this one, it’ll be hard to forget. It’s an interesting take on the classic Cowgirl that will provide much pleasure to both of you. To begin, have your partner sit on the bed or chair and you straddle them. Make sure you feel comfortable, then start bouncing in a way that signals all kinds of pleasure for you.

Creative Ways to Have Mind-Blowing Sex

With the basic, essential sex positions on your list, you can explore more creative ways to have mind-blowing sex.

Tantra Yab Yum
This position is about intense, energetic connection between partners. It’s perfect for some truly delicious and deep intimacy and the idea is to swap roles from the man being the dominant partner, to the woman. Start by sitting cross-legged and having your partner sit on your lap, facing you. You can enjoy caressing her body or pull her in for a passionate kiss, as you can both reach an ecstatic level of pleasure.

The Ballerina
This position is an amazing way to experience different angles and combine getting on top with a doggy-style move. To begin, have your partner sit on the bed and place her legs on your shoulders. Get in a standing position on the bed, with your feet outside his legs and begin thrusting. You can control your movements, as your partner enjoys the view and the great pleasure it brings.

The Gluteus Maximize
This needs to be on your list of sex positions if you want to stimulate your G-Spot. To start, have your partner sit comfortably on a chair. Straddle him, facing each other and then lean back and make him grab your hips. The penetration will be deeper and pushing against your G-Spot will make the sex incredibly pleasurable.

Hot Tip for More Fun

To make the action more fun and enjoyable, try using a vibrator for clitoral stimulation or wearing nipple clamps for extra pleasure. Not to mention, adding sex toys can be a great way to experiment and try new positions even further.

The Pretzel
If you want intense, incredible pleasure, the Pretzel sex position should make this list of sex positions. To begin, sit on the bed and make your partner straddle you, then you can intervene and lay sideways so you’re perpendicular to each other. Let your partner move up and down and you can enjoy the exquisite positions happening.

The Standing Doggy
If you’re looking for an explosive, powerful position that needs to be put on your list, this is it. You can opt for the standing Doggy style and rock your world like never before. To begin, have your partner stand against the wall and enter you from behind while holding your waist. The intense sensation you’ll feel is highly satisfying and you won’t want to miss out on it.

Summing Up

These sex positions create a great way to spice up your sex life and experience insane pleasure along with your partner. There are many sex positions out there, but always make sure to be aware and always keep safety in mind. With these sex positions on your list, you can have great sex and achieve those mind-blowing orgasms you crave.

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