Sex Moves to Surprise Your Man

Sex can become a routine if not refreshed with variety every now and then. Make your man be wild in bed and surprising him with new moves can make sex between couples more fun and explosive! Thus, without further ado, here are the 10 sex moves to surprise your man.

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  1. Be A Voyeur

Being a voyeur will get his attention and make him feel much more than just passion. Unfortunately, most men do not notice it, but the teasing and expectations that can be generated by watching your man’s every move, make them even more desirable in your eyes. While watching a porn movie, have him tease you without you touching him. Or you can watch in the mirror the sexy moves he makes during sex.

  1. Duplicate His Moves

Men love to be the leader during sex, so flip the script and surprise by taking the initiative and recreating his moves! Just because you’re duplicating doesn’t mean that you have to do exactly everything he does. You can add your own moves and be as explosive as ever!

  1. Reverse Cowgirl

Be a wild cowgirl and take the ride! Reverse cowgirl is an oldie, but certainly a goodie. Ride your man, being thrust, as you watch his reaction with each movement. This position will make him really feel like a king because your man gets an unbelievable view as you enjoy the ride.

  1. Blow His Mind

A mind-blowing experience is always one of the sex moves to surprise your man. Giving your man head can seem intimidating for many women, but the pleasure you’ll provide to your man can become an unforgettable experience. The key word here is “confidence”. Although, don’t forget to use your hands as well while doing it!

  1. Let Him Take Control

Men feel extremely good when they feel dominant. Thinking of giving control to your man might sound scary, but this will be the surprise he was not expecting. It has the power to get his confidence high and you will feel amazement of how much pleasure he will provide when taking the control.

  1. Show Your Wild Side

Men love women who can do something unexpected. Spice up your sex life with role play. Dress up as something that your man will be surprised to see! Costumes, lingerie, or a daring outfit-all these can give your man an out-of-this-world experience.

  1. Put Him Under Pressure

Most men don’t recognize, but they love to feel pressure. During sex, put him under pressure by wrapping your legs around him or holding him tight with your arms. This will make him feel even more powerful and will provide a unique experience too.

  1. Try the 69

The 69 can be an amazing way to surprise your man and give him unforgettable pleasure. But it’s all about that comfort- if you feel uncomfortable doing it, then don’t! These types of positions need to come so natural that you’ll lose all sense of time while trying them.

  1. Give Him a Lap Dance

Lap dancing for your man can be an incredible thing. Plus, it is a very sexy move that will make your man do anything that you want. To surprise him, start with slow moves, like caressing his face gradually and then move your hips in circles, just make sure you don’t forget that gaze!

  1. Use Your Imagination

This one is essential! You must not forget to use your imagination when thinking of the sex moves to surprise your man and as mentioned before, have fun with this! Anything goes so go ahead and surprise him in any fun and unexpected way that you can-you won’t regret it!

Sex between couples can turn into an incredible experience as long as you find ways to surprise your man! Think of what he loves the most and use that to fire him up even more. Be brave and be imaginative-you will see how the energy of the room will instantly change. Get creative with your features, use your body, all of your charisma, and start making new moves to maximize pleasure, surprise him, and reach levels of satisfaction you have never experienced before.

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