Naughty Ways to Surprise A Man in Bed

With advances in technology and the democratization of social culture, it has become easier than ever to stay connected and communicate despite a distance. But as much as virtual connections can be flattering for the senses, nothing compares to a real-life encounter within a comfortable atmosphere – which is why surprises can be incredibly impactful for reigniting the spark of passion between two people.

When it comes to the art of seduction, sometimes a surprise can be an excellent option for injecting a certain level of naughtiness in any relationship. For the purposes of keeping the morale of a connection between two people alive and kicking, there are a few naughty ways one can surprise a man in bed that can fill extraordinary experiences to all parties involved.

Here are 10 naughty ways to surprise a man in bed:

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  1. Slipping Into Something Sexy

Part of the thrill of certain surprises lies in the anticipation and the unknown factor behind them. Alluding to something without giving too much away is a great way to keep the suspense rising during a special encounter. The perfect way to surprise a man in bed is to slip into something sexy, something he has always fantasised about you wearing – whether it’s lingerie or just an outfit that shows off your figure. His anticipation will be bursting every cell of his body, allowing the surprise to be a lot more memorable and enjoyable for both of you.

  1. Blindfolds

The world of experimentation without sight can be far more enjoyable than imagined, and it is a great way to keep the burning sensations alive during any encounter. The perfect surprise would be to put on something comfortable and soft before slipping a blindfold over his eyes while titillating him with your motion. The strong sense of pleasure is sure to be incredibly heart-stopping and mind-blowing, and he can draw from the experience for a long time afterwards.

  1. Massage

Nothing says relaxation quite like a back-tickling massage. Not only does it induce amazing sensations of pleasure, but it also relieves the stress the everyday life can bring upon us. The surprise in this case would begin with you dimming the lights and slipping an intimate one-piece item of clothing before you start letting your hands wander. A massage will always be a great way to start off a naughty encounter, and it can open up further steps towards experimentation.

  1. Props

Using props during a steamy encounter can be an exciting way to drive a man wild. Even the most ordinary objects – such as a feather, an ice cube, a scarf – can be used to provide a tantalising surprise that will linger in all the best ways. Taking you out of your comfort zone by turning an ordinary object into a magical contribution to the experience you are both having allow for the surprise to be something meaningful and unique.

  1. Notes

Meaningful notes are a great way for burrowing deep into the heart’s of a man. Spicing up an encounter can begin with something as small as a note that gently hints what may come ahead. Notes of appreciation, of tenderness, of exploration and answers will be a great way to spark the anti-fire while slowly allowing the surprise to build up overtime, until it reaches the main climax. With a lot of comforting words and surprise ahead, there’s nothing quite as heart-filling as this.

  1. Poem or Story

Storytelling has been used as a way to kindle the deepest of passions between two individuals, so coming up with something special can be a great surprise. Whether a naughty poem whispered to the ear of a man or a full-blown erotic story written specifically for your first taste of spice, everything has its magical charm when brought to life within the realm of a bedroom. Letting somebody’s inner fantasy get the best of one’s thoughts can be an astonishing surprise and shock to them, and they will thank you for allowing them to drift away and get lost in the moment.

  1. Candlelight

Everybody loves the sweet, inviting scent of a candle’s scent, not to mention the mellow lighting these special items provide. Surprise your man in bed by turning the lights off entirely or dimming them multiple times and allowing yourself to move around as the candlelight flickers. Immersing yourself in the atmosphere of a comfortable, slow-dancing session of sensuous pleasure can be a fantastic surprise, allowing the of pair of you to engage in emotional, intellectual and physical contact in the most natural of ways.

  1. Find a New Spot

There are certain predictable activities that come alongside of experiencing the bedroom to the fullest with a significant other. But sometimes, pushing the boundaries and finding a nook in the house that nobody expects can provide an excellent surprise. Whether it’s a living room area or a balcony, every inch of the house can be a suitable spot for a naughty encounter. There are endless possibilities, which makes it an incredibly exciting surprise that both parties can enjoy.

  1. Flirt with Him Out of Bed

Although some may think foreplay begins when two people step into the bedroom, it can alternatively be considered as a calm-down period instead. Flirt outside of the bedroom and surprise him by making your way there. Whether it’s through text messaging, virtual calls or a face to face chat, taking the extra step to plan out something can make the surprise even more mesmerizing in its entirety.

  1. Don’t Forget the Lube

Experimenting within the realm of pleasure is something that many couples don’t pay enough attention to. Knowing that you’re willing to go beyond your boundaries is an excellent surprise in itself, but don’t forget the fundamentals when executing that surprise: lubrication. Whether it’s to make any fantasy a reality or for the purposes of comfort, lube can be a great enhancement to any moment.

Exploring new grounds can be a great way to surprise a man in bed, as long as you do it with the right temperaments and mind set. Every idea is magical in its own way, but effort must be taken to make sure it is something both of you can enjoy and a surprise he will cherish. Keep in mind each person’s desires and boundaries and have fun while at it. With a bit of extra effort and creativity, the afternoon or evening can be a time to indulge in all kinds of naughty surprises.

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