Metrosexuality: What It Is & the Signs and Benefits


Metrosexuality is a word that gets tossed around a lot these days, and while some may describe it as someone over-committed to fashion trends, it’s so much more than that. It’s a description of a modern man who cares about his appearance, style, and hygiene, and takes great care in cultivating the look he wants. We’ll explore what it means to be a metrosexual, identify the signs, and explore the potential benefits of leaning into metrosexual style.

What Is Metrosexual? A metrosexual is a man with an appearance-focused lifestyle. They cultivate a look that is polished, stylish, and modern. The metrosexual movement may have begun in the 90s with David Beckham’s fashionable, carefully-coiffed hairstyles, but it has become a quickly-growing trend among modern men. Metrosexual men embrace their appearance and use personal care and fashion to express their lifestyle and personality.

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Signs of a Metrosexuality

The signs that one is a metrosexual are quite evident. Most metrosexuals are easily recognizable by their strongly emphasis on grooming and personal style. Let’s explore some of the common signs and indicators of a man who takes pride in his metrosexual lifestyle.

• Grooming – Metrosexuals value their personal grooming, and they often spend the time to take care of themselves with extra attention to details like moisturizing, cleansing the face and body, and keeping products in their arsenal to keep themselves perfectly groomed.

• Manicure and Pedicure Regimes – Many metrosexuals keep up with regular manis and pedis. They will often get regular pedicures and manicures to keep their nails looking neat and stylish.

• Beauty Products – Metrosexuals pay attention to beauty treatments, and they may often have a range of products in their cabinets for anti-aging, acne prevention, brightening, and more.

• Wardrobe – You can easily spot a metrosexual by their wardrobe. Not only is it well-organized, but they will often have fashionable pieces of clothing that fit their overall look and style.

• Hair Style – The metrosexual is paying attention to their hairstyle, often visiting their barber for regular haircuts. They may also change up their style with a visit to their stylist to change the color or cut of their hair.

• Accessories – Metrosexuals pay attention to accessorizing their look, adding in stylish items like hats, bags, ties, jewelry, scarves, and more to complete their look.

• Workouts – It’s typical to find a metrosexual keeping up with a regular workout regime. They’ll often spend extra time at the gym or out in nature to stay fit.

• Dressing for the Occasion – Metrosexuals are often quite aware of the dress code of different occasions, making sure to dress appropriately for the event, whether it’s a formal gala or a casual hangout.

Benefits of Metrosexual Style

So now you may be wondering what are the benefits of this fashion-obsessed lifestyle? Let’s examine some of the potential benefits of embracing the metrosexual culture.

• Increased Confidence – One of the biggest benefits of dressing and groomed according to metrosexual standards is the confidence it can bring. Feeling good about your appearance can be a huge boost to your mood and how you feel about yourself overall.

• Better First Impressions – First impressions count for a lot. When you look good, people will be more likely to think positively about you, and may be more likely to hire or work with you.

• Improved Social Interactions – Grooming, classy style, and looking good can give you the confidence to meet people and make a great impression.

• Higher Self-Esteem – Taking the time to take care of your looks can result in an overall increase in self-esteem. When you look good, you often feel good.

• Mental Clarity – Once again, dressing well and adequately attending to your appearances can be beneficial particularly to your mental state. Taking the time to groom and invest in your looks can have a positive effect on how you think and feel.

• Enhance Your Natural Assets – If you’re naturally blessed with some good looks, metrosexual style can help you to bring those assets to the spotlight. A good hair cut and a few fashionable items are all you need to truly accentuate your naturally-given assets.

• Attention – Looking great can be an easy way to call in attention. When you look great, you may find that people may be more likely to talk to you and socialize with you.

Final Thoughts on Metrosexuality

Metrosexuality is a movement of modern men who are proud to take care of their looks and look good. Embracing the look can help improve confidence, make great first impressions, and much more. If you’re looking for a life upgrade or just want to take your wardrobe to the next level, then being a metrosexual can be for you.

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