Is dating an escort, cheating?

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Dating has always been a complex and sometimes frustrating subject to tackle, especially in regards to relationships. One of the most debated aspects is the concept of cheating, whether it be through infidelity or, more recently, through escort services. Escorts are people who are paid to provide companionship or sexual services, and while it is increasingly becoming more socially acceptable, is there a line to be drawn in regards to whether this counts as cheating?

What Factors Suggest That Dating an Escort is Cheating?

When it comes to the concept of cheating in a relationship, a strong indication that someone is indeed cheating is when they are engaging in activities that they would not wish their partner to be made aware of. Consequently, if a person feels the need to pay and be accompanied by someone else without the knowledge of their significant other, then there is a good chance that this is tantamount to cheating.

Moreover, people entering a relationship generally understand that their partner is devoted solely to them and that their attention is not to be shared. By making the commitment to date someone, both parties are expected to abstain from seeking or being open to intimate relations with other people, so when a third party is involved, even if it is with a paid service, this can easily be seen as breaking the terms of the commitment.

Finally, the dishonesty that often comes with the act of dating an escort is also a strong factor in the debate as to whether it is a form of cheating or not. By not divulging the nature of the relationship to a partner, another integral part of the agreement, trust, is broken and it creates a feeling of betrayal.

What Factors Suggest That Dating an Escort is Not Cheating?

While the concerns of many people in regards to escort services have not been discussed to a great degree, there are points to consider that state that dating an escort is not necessarily cheating.

One of the main factors to consider is that some people make the choice to pay for the companionship or sexual services of someone else with the full knowledge and acceptance of their partner. If the two parties know that this type of arrangement is acceptable and both are happy with it, then it cannot be seen as cheating on either’s part.

Additionally, this form of arrangement often may be in accordance with both parties’ wishes as sometimes a person’s partner may not wish to be physically intimate with them or have another unpleasant reasons that make it difficult for them to accompany the other person. Consequently, some people make the choice to experience companionship through an escort with the blessing of their significant other rather than an act of deception.


Ultimately, the debate as to whether or not using an escort service is seen as cheating is a complex one, as there is no definitive answer. While it can be seen as a break from the commitment made between two people, it is also not something that must be seen as dishonourable or illicit for the reasons previously stated. Therefore, the decision between two parties must be discussed at length and a mutual agreement must be made to ensure that the relationship is not seen as one of a negative or forbidden nature.

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