How to Spot Fake Escort Ads Online

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Introduction Escort services are often used by individuals seeking companionship, sexual services or entertainment. Escort services are usually provided by professional and licensed providers and are traditionally advertised in both print and online media. Unfortunately, there have been instances of fake escort ads circulating online in the past. Spotting fake escort ads can be difficult, but with the right knowledge and strategies you can determine whether an ad is legitimate or not. In this article, we’ll discuss how to spot fake escort ads online.

What Are Fake Escort Ads? Fake escort ads are advertisements or postings that appear on online industry sites, forums, and other online venues, purporting to be legitimate providers of service but are actually fraudulent. They are usually created by unscrupulous individuals to dupe potential customers, or use them to extort money.

Why Are Fake Escort Ads Online? Fake escort ads are created by those looking to scam, prey on or extort potential customers. Fake ads are created to deceive customers into believing they are getting legitimate services or products when they may not actually receive them. It’s important to remember that not every scammer is looking to make money, some may also be seeking personal information about you such as your professional background or personal preferences.

Identify Someone to Avoid When looking through any online marketplace, there are certain individuals you should avoid when it comes to escort services. Fraudsters will often use a fake photograph, pretend to be a different gender than usual or use a fake phone number. It’s important to be wary of anyone who offers services without any type of commitment, asks for payment up-front or offers activities that may be illegal in your location.

Verify User Profiles When evaluating online listings and profiles make sure to take extra precautions to verify the person’s identity. Some reputable escort-service sites may carry user profiles with photos, contact information and reviews. Ask questions and don’t be scared to ask to see a photo ID as well as other forms of identification. Ask for references of prior customers if possible. Additionally, your local government or law enforcement may offer tips on how best to evaluate online postings.

Research the Legality of Services Offered It’s important to find out what activities are allowed in the destination city and state where you are looking for services. Certain activities may be prohibited, illegal or restricted in some localities. It’s important to understand the law so that you don’t put yourself in an uncomfortable position.

Be Wary of Discounts and Incentives Beware of anyone offering discount packages, special rates or any other type of incentives. Fraudsters will often use these incentives to lure in customers without delivering any services afterwards. Always check out the website, social media profile and reviews linked to the account before deciding to make any type of deal.

Check Reviews and Customer Ratings Another thing to look out for when selecting an escort service is reviews and customer ratings. Read reviews on the escort and make sure they are positive. This can typically be found on third-party service-review websites or even the escort service itself.

Take Precautionary Measures The best way to avoid fake escort ads online is to take some preventive measures. It’s important to be aware of online scams and know how to spot them. Be sure to read all of an advertisement’s information thoroughly before deciding whether to book services.

Conclusion Fake escort ads are a real threat that can leave customers feeling taken advantage of. Knowing how to spot fake escort ads is important for both protecting yourself and for ensuring that you’re getting a legitimate service. Always be sure to check reviews, research any services offered and take precautionary measures in order to ensure you have a positive experience.

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