How to Eat a Girl Out: Oral Sex Tips

When it comes to pleasuring a woman, oral sex can be an incredibly rewarding experience, both for the giver and the receiver. It’s an intimate act that requires both patience and sensitivity. Many men simply don’t have the confidence to go down on a girl, and those who do approach it in a straightforward and non-erotic manner.

If you’re looking to up your game and become an expert at eating a girl out, we’ve put together this guide to give you the confidence and technique to treat her to the best oral sex session imaginable.

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Seducing Her with Sensual Talk

Before you get your mouth in there and start exploring, it’s important to create an atmosphere of sensuality. This is often best achieved with a mix of your emotions and seductive words.

Express your arousal with phrases like “I can’t wait to see what’s in store…” or “God, you look gorgeous right now…”.

Making your intentions clear will help put her at ease and ensure she is relaxed before you start.

Start with the Basics

Once you’re both in the mood, start exploring her body with some basic caresses: light strokes, kisses and tickles, as well as some gentle massage. This will help her to become aroused and will create the optimal environment in which to progress to more intimate exploration. Don’t forget to pay attention to her response to your touch. Every woman is different; her reactions may vary and you should react accordingly.

Lick Away

As you start to move between her legs, begin by licking your way downwards from her inner thighs and towards the top of her labia. Start off with gentle licks, using the same rhythm as you would when licking an ice cream cone. Kissing and nipping at the area is an especially good way of building anticipation and pleasure.

Don’t rush the clitoris straight away; build up to it. Start with the vaginal walls and the area around the opening before trying to give her pleasure. Remember, the clitoris can be very sensitive so you need to find a way of getting her aroused before giving it any attention.

Adventurous Moves

Once your partner is aroused enough, start to explore her clitoris more intensely. But don’t settle for just one technique; there is plenty of room to be creative. Start with a direct approach, targeting the clitoris head on with vibrations and light circles. Then, move on to unique moves, such as utilizing your tongue to flicker around the clitoris, sucking at it, and tracing circles around the clitoris.

Don’t forget to involve the labia in this; they are filled with nerve endings, and exploring them can increase arousal.

Change Speed and Pressure

Be sure to vary the speed and pressure of your movements. The clitoral hood responds well to different settings, so try and find out what makes her moan. Start off with soft licks then increase the pressure as the pleasure builds.

Also, pay attention to her reactions and the response of her body to determine which speed and pressure she likes the most.

Bring It to a Climax

Using the techniques mentioned above, continue to play around until you find out what she prefers. Once you find the right move, make sure you always go back to it to bring her to climax and orgasm. You want her to experience waves of pleasure that build up and eventually lead to an orgasm. With each wave of pleasure building on the last, her orgasm will be far more intense.

Use Your Fingers to Enhance the Pleasure

Once you’ve gotten to that final stage, a great way to increase pleasure and enhance the experience is to involve your fingers. Introduce them into her vagina to put a little more pressure on the clitoral area. Again, experiment to discover the intensity and speed that gives her the most pleasure.

And Keep Kissing

Once your partner is close to orgasm keep going with your oral sex moves but also add kissing on her neck, inner thighs and even on her stomach to add more feelings to the whole experience.

Eating a girl out is probably one of the most rewarding experiences you can have when it comes to pleasing a woman. It takes patience, practice, and techniques to make the experience enjoyable for both of you. With a combination of gentle caresses, creative licks, and using your fingers, you can ensure that the act of oral sex becomes a satisfying and intimate process that will leave both of your smiling.

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