How To Dominate A Woman In Bed

dominating in the bedroom

Introducing How To Dominate A Woman In Bed

The ancient artwork of dominance has long been associated with the most powerful and confident sexual explorers. To dominate a woman in bed is to open her up to a world of exciting possibilities, ranging from a mild surrender to an animalistic confrontation.

However, dominance is not to be taken lightly. While sometimes misunderstood, in the right context it is an art form, requiring knowledge, technique and respect. With the right understanding, it can open up not only incredible sexual experiences, but also intensely connected and vulnerable moments of vulnerability.

Dominating a woman in bed is an opportunity both to serve her needs and deepen your bond. To make sure you do it properly, you must first understand what it takes to dominate in the bedroom. In this article, we will look at how to be the ultimate trusted and dominant force with a woman in the bedroom.

Establish Trust

The foundation of any successful sexual exploration, dominance included, is trust. You cannot expect someone to give their body and mind to you without first feeling safe, secure and respected. If you want to dominate a woman in bed, you must first put in the work establishing trust outside the bedroom.

A few simple steps will help get you there.

• Show that you genuinely care about her – It is important to demonstrate that you are paying attention to her wants, needs and desires. Show her you understand her, and have her interests at heart.

• Stay consistent – Consistency in your words and actions is key. Make sure that you are reliable and hold your promises.

• Listen and be attentive – Make sure that you fully understand what she is saying, and that you are able to interpret her non-verbal cues.

• Be honest and sincere – Be open about your intentions before you engage in the bedroom, and be honest about the parts of your life that might be difficult to talk about.

• Talk outside the bedroom– You will need to both explore her fantasies and discuss boundaries outside the bedroom. This will help you both access the passionate and intense moments that come with dominance.

Learn Her Language

To dominate a woman in bed, you must learn her language. Many topics like trust and respect, sexual pleasure, and the balance between submission and control can come up during bedroom play. It is important to understand her responses to these topics in order to dominate her in bed in a way that is meaningful to her.

The best way to learn her language is to ask questions and pay attention to her responses. Consider questions like:

• What does dominance mean to you?

• What turns you on?

• Are you looking for more submission or control?

• What kinds of activities would you find enjoyable and pleasurable?

• What have been your experiences with dominance?

• What limits would you like to set for the experience?

• Are there any elements of BDSM you would like to explore?

Finding the answers to these questions will provide you more insights on the thinking and desires of your partner.

Set Boundaries

The most important step in establishing a healthy, dominant and trust relationship is to set boundaries. You can do so by starting off with soft limits, which are activities you are both not yet comfortable with, but may be willing to explore.

Soft limits are far easier than discussing hard limits, which are activities that are strictly off the table. When setting soft limits, you and your partner should discuss the activities that are out of bounds and those that both of you are open to explore.

Boundaries should always be respected. It is important to keep an open dialogue where you can take turns in establishing the necessary parameters and assessing what works for you both.

Use Body Language

Strong body language comes with experience and practice. To establish dominance, you should position your body in a manner that communicates your power and presence. For example, standing tall and making eye contact will show your confidence and send a clear message that you are in charge.

Here are some tips for mastering the power of body language:

• Speak slowly and sternly – Decrease the pitch of your voice, to draw out the moment and take charge.

• Take control of your body – Move yourself closer and fill her space, to assert your position as the leader.

• Move efficiently – Take up large areas and make sure you always look comfortable, moving with precision and focus.

• Project energy and sensuality – Show her how passionate you are, and how much you crave her body.

• Use restraint – Move slowly and precisely, waiting for her cue to move further.

Exploiting Power Dynamics

Once you’ve established trust and learned her language, you can move onto exploring and exploiting power dynamics.

In this step, you need to bring two important factors together; your knowledge of the language of dominance, and the body language you have been practicing since the start.

Exploiting power dynamics means mastering the art of taking turns being in control and then surrendering. This is most often done through fantasizing and roleplaying.

Engage In Roleplay

Roleplay is a great way to explore the power dynamics between you and your partner. It can help break down any inhibitions and bring out more intense versions of your basic desires.

Roleplay can range from bringing your fantasies to life through costumes and props, or by simply picking out predetermined roles for yourself and your partner.

Here are some ideas for roleplay:

• Police officer and suspect

• Princess and knights

• Doctor and patient

• Boss and employee

• Master and slave

• Animal trainer and pet

• Parent and child

• Teacher and student

• Mentor and apprentice

• Submissive and dominant

Have Fun

Dominating a woman in bed should ultimately be fun. Regardless if you are playing with basic restraints, indulging in fantasies, or playing with props, the atmosphere should remain light and playful.

It is also important to remember to stay relaxed and remember that communication is key. Consent is paramount, and you should never do anything that your partner is not comfortable with.

Most of all, try to move away from dom/sub conventions, and explore what works for you both. Remember the most important part is that you and your partner understand each other and look out for each other.


Controlling a woman in bed can be highly rewarding and intimate. It requires trust, respect, and commitment. Establishing trust, setting boundaries, learning her language, using body language, exploiting power dynamics and engaging in fun roleplay are all essential tools to dominating a woman in bed. When done right, you can create an incredibly fulfilling experience for both of you.

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