Grower vs Shower: How It’s Different

For many people, genitals can seem mysterious. They are complex and varied in shape, size, and even color. One topic that’s often discussed when it comes to male genitals is the differences between “growers” and “showers.” This article will explain the differences between them and how you can identify which one you are.

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What is the Difference Between Growers and Showers?

The main difference between “growers” and “showers” is how the penis changes in size when it is aroused. When a man is aroused, his penis will usually grow in size, but in some cases, the difference between flaccid and erect states is more or less noticeable.

A “shower” refers to a man who has a smaller flaccid penis size but whose penis increases significantly when aroused. In other words, when a shower is aroused, his penis will increase much more in size than when he is flaccid. This increase in size can be quite significant, to the point where the erection is much bigger than the flaccid state.

Alternatively, a “grower” is a man who has a larger flaccid penis size that may increase slightly or stay the same when aroused. In this case, the increase in size is much less noticeable from flaccid to aroused states. The arousal may make the penis more firm and rigid, but there is usually very little difference in size.

What Are the Possible Causes of Growers and Showers?

There is no single cause for why some men are growers while others are showers. However, there are a few possible explanations or factors that may determine your specific penis type.


Genetics and biology are thought to be the primary causes of whether a man is a grower or a shower. Your body type and the makeup of your penis may determine why you are one or the other.


Stress can cause the body to react in a number of ways, including affecting your penis size. So if you are very stressed out, you may be more of a grower than a shower.


The temperature can also affect your penis size. When it is cold, the penis will usually shrink in size more than when it is at a warm temperature. So if the environment is cold, you may become more of a grower.

Should I Worry If I Am a Grower or a Shower?

No, you should never worry whether you are a grower or a shower. Penis size is never an indicator of sexual ability, performance, or pleasure. Both growers and showers can enjoy sex and experience pleasure the same as any other man.

Also, it is worth noting that penis size changes from man to man and even in the same man throughout his life. In other words, you may not be the same grower or shower throughout your life.

Additionally, in some cases, one may not be exclusively a grower or a shower, but a combination of both. This means that you may increase more when aroused than when flaccid but not to the same degree as a shower does.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Growers and showers are two types of penis size differences that are based on how the penis changes when aroused. Genetics, stress, and even temperature can have an influence on this, but your penis type will not have any effect on your sexual performance. There is no need to worry if you are a grower or a shower, as both result in a perfectly normal penis size.

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