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Every gentleman dreams about a threesome! Now it’s your turn to be happy, with our Double Trouble escorts. Unlike other agencies from Birmingham, we offer this special option for all our gentlemen, which means that now you can book a wonderful blonde & a gorgeous brunette together. Usually, they say that less is more, but this saying doesn’t apply when it comes to our services. Two beautiful babes are better than one, of course, and now you have the chance to make your wildest dreams come true, with one of the most common & appreciated fantasies of every man on this planet (and not only).

If you already have a partner, you know how difficult it is to convince her to accept the idea of a threesome because she’ll consider it cheating. In these conditions, your best option is to choose our Double  Trouble escorts, if you want to tick off this special wish from your bucket list. Since it’s a special service, we advise you to contact us, either online (by filling out the form on this page) or via phone (0789 529 13 45 or 0754 285 21 18), to set up all the required details. Then, it’s only a matter of time until you can experience something truly stunning, that every gentleman should try in his life!

Compared to booking a single escort, when you opt for Double Trouble escorts, the focus will be on physical contact because we know that’s what you want! Therefore, we advise you not to waste a lot of time and invite them to a luxurious hotel room & start the date in style. After kissing each other cordially on the cheek and hugging warmly, the girls will take care of everything you need: they’ll show you why 2 is much better than 1! Four boobs are better than two & two cheeky bottoms are much cuter than one. The only problem is if you manage to keep up since this activity requires sustained effort & maximum endurance.

Our Double Trouble escorts are “very hot”, as all our clients describe them. From the photos, you can already tell how photogenic they are, but we assure you that they look much, much better in person! Of course, the only chance to see them is to book them & enjoy their company for a few hours or even overnight. It all depends on your preferences & stamina! And the best news is that you don’t have to decide between a blonde or a brunette because you get both of them with a single booking. In conclusion, make a choice that, from our point of view, will improve not only your day but possibly even your entire life!

If we haven’t convinced you yet, in the end, we’ll also tell you some of the benefits of having a threesome. First of all, our Double Trouble escorts will let you explore some possibilities that you didn’t even dream of & which are now closer than ever to becoming real. Secondly, you can also enjoy a lesbian show between them, if you need a few moments to breathe. For a straight man, there aren’t many things that compare to watching two beautiful women caress & kiss each other in different places of their bodies. Therefore, we’re waiting for you to call & book your favorite girls now!

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