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    It might seem easy to do it, but those panties are really hard to take off! Anna is a 24-year-old Eastern European with brown eyes & long blonde hair, who is bisexual and always ready to party. She considers herself extremely laid-back and outspoken, but she also has very clear limits. What does it mean? That, even if she’s young, she knows exactly what she wants & she doesn’t tolerate disrespect and haste.


    Do you want to taste everything she has to offer? Well, first of all, you have to take her out, show her that you care about her & know how to handle a strong woman, and then you can head to a more intimate place. But not before pampering her with one or more fancy size 6 dresses, to fit her perfect young body! Don’t hurry and get to know Anna better than anyone else!

    Zodiac sign & qualities: Libra – Anna is balanced and she seeks harmony & justice in all aspects of her life, a fact that can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on what she wants and what other people want from her; interestingly enough, Libra is the only inanimate object of the zodiac, but this isn’t a bad thing at all, as this is associated with the sign’s fixation on establishing equilibrium; with Anna, you can be sure that what you see is what you get & that she’ll treat you right;

    Favorite quote & application: “Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you, for life. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now” – as expected, Anna has a balanced view of life, she never gives up, but doesn’t wait for the prince on a white horse either. She is herself, always, and she lives in the present, as it’s the only thing we can be sure of – the past is gone and the future is yet to come;

    Description of the perfect man: Anna tries not to be superficial, but the fact that she’s so elegant doesn’t make it possible for her to date a random man; therefore, she likes tall men, but who also know how to make her tremble with pleasure and see life from a different perspective, which she never thought about; although she’s serious most of the time, in the company of the perfect man she likes to be childish and spoil herself, maybe with ice cream or a juicy & delicious lollipop;

    Description of the perfect day: The curtains are blowing in the sea breeze, the salty air enters the room and her skin, through all the pores, while the delicate light of sunrise falls on her face – as you can tell, Anna really likes the seaside, not to mention the unparalleled sound of waves breaking on the shore. Do you have what it takes to make her climb the highest peaks of pleasure, similar to spending a whole day at the beach?

    Additional information

    • Age26
    • Hair colorBlonde
    • Bust Size32 D
    • Height5’3
    • EyesBrown
    • Dress sizes8
    • Large tattoosa few
    • Partyyes
    • BisexualYes
    • DrinksProsecco
    • EducationUniversity
    • FoodBrazilian
    • LanguagesEnglish
    • NationalityBrazilian
    • OccupationNaughty Nurse


    1. Julian:

      Beautiful , I booked Anna for on hour and kept her for 6 hours. I will be back for more. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about her.

    2. Tom:

      Wow, amazing girl. Thankyou, and her

    3. B9:

      This lady is so nice, she’s class

      Thank You, Alma

    4. B1:

      Honestly Anna is a really nice girl 🙂 I’ve had great time with her

    5. Adam:

      Very nice lady, polite and beautiful xxx

    6. Mark:

      Absolutely stunning 💯
      Everything perfect ad always xx

    7. Darren:

      Wow this girl is a beautiful person an amazing… and an amazing blow job ` if this girl done proper kissing she would be as good as it gets , I’ll be trying to convince her that kissing is a must ! She’s got the X factor , round 2 very soon this woman is addictive !!

    8. Shaun:

      Anna is a real diamond, she’s funny and is really easy to talk to.I only wish that I was alot younger, I’d love to spend my life with this incredible, beautiful young lady.

    9. J O:

      Anna is a masterpiece of a woman. Welcoming, chatty, beautiful. We had 2 hours turn into 8. I’d have done another 8. Party girl comment couldn’t be truer. Eastern European with an excellent grasp of English..treat her well and she will return in kind. I can’t wait for another fantastic intimate, horny meet. Photos are accurate. Although they don’t quite justify her sex appeal. Don’t book I want her all to myself.

    10. Krzysztof:

      She’s the best escort she’ll heal you from breakdown without sex. For me it was helpful

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