Does Penis Size Matter: Big vs Small

The male gender has long been focused on the size of their genitals. From locker-room jokes to the awkward conversations we had as children curious about our changing bodies, penis size has been a point of interest and concern for many. Does the size of your penis really matter? Let’s explore this question, considering both the medical facts and societal norms that might influence the answer.

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How Much Does Penis Size Matter To Men?

In general, men are preoccupied with the size of their penis and its effect on their sexual prowess. Research has found that most men worry about the size of their penis, regardless of whether they have a small or large size. Some even experience feelings of inadequacy due to their size.

That said, most handle the issue in a relaxed manner, although some may become so preoccupied with their size that it starts to affect their self-confidence, relationships and even sex life. On average, men overestimate the size of their penis by .7 to 1.3 inches, while women overestimate the size by .5 to 1.5 inches.

How Much Does Penis Size Matter To Women?

Women may focus more on a man’s performance during sex rather than penis size. This means that size doesn’t neccesarily have to matter when it comes to female pleasure. Several studies have suggested that women don’t care much for penis size, since it’s not a major factor in sexual pleasure. In fact, women achieved orgasm with or without intercourse just as often, regardless of the size of the male’s penis.

That said, size is still important to many women. According to one study, 74 percent of women reported that they would prefer a penis that was bigger than average. On the other hand, almost 57 percent of men reported wanting a larger than average penis, while only 18 percent said they wanted a smaller one.

Does Penis Size Affect Fertility?

Penis size does not affect fertility. Studies have shown that size may affect the way sperm is transmitted, but it is not the sole factor in determining fertility.

Fertility can be affected by genetics and lifestyle choices. Another potential factor is erectile dysfunction, which can impede sperm from reaching the egg. In general, fertility is determined by the amount and quality of sperm, so there is no strong evidence to suggest that penis size significantly influences fertility.

The Average Penis Size: Measurement and Science

So, how large is the average penis? According to a study conducted by the Kinsey Institute in 2020, the average penis size is 5.2 inches in length and 4.6 inches around when erect.

Over time, the average penis size has remained the same, with no significant changes or differences between genders being reported. Generally, penis sizes range from 2 to 5 inches when flaccid and from 5 to 7 inches when erect, though several uncommon cases of penis lengths of 8 or more inches have been documented.

What Exactly is a “Big” Penis?

When looking at penis size, it’s important to realize that there is no consensus on what size is considered “big”. The consensus is that any penis above 7 inches would be considered large, though exceptions can be made if the penis is exceptionally wide.

The average length of a large penis is usually around 8 inches in length and 6 inches in circumference. However, penis sizes vary greatly from person to person and these measurements are only averages.

Is Penis Size From Birth Determined or Can it Change?

In general, penis size is determined at birth. The largest size a penis can reach is dependant on genetics, as this ultimately kits the limits for penis growth.

That said, it is possible for penis size to change over time, either due to age or due to changes in lifestyle. Age can usually lead to penis size becoming smaller, as ejaculatory strength and vigorousness usually declines with age. Also, those who have habits like smoking, drug use, alcohol abuse can also experience a decreased penis size. Additionally, those who gain weight may experience a decrease in erect penis length.

The Bottom Line: Does Penis Size Matter?

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at the facts around penis size, we can answer this question definitively: No, penis size does not matter.

Whether it’s a small or large penis, size has no significant effect on sexual or reproductive performance, and even if it did, the enphasis should be placed more so on performance and pleasure, where size (in most cases) is a non-factor. It’s important to remember that penis size is just one of many attributes of a person and not the only one that matters.

In the end, penis size should not be the sole source of focus when it comes to relationships and performance. As long as one can be safe and perform well, size should not be an issue.

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