Celebrities Who Were Escorts Before Becoming Famous

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Introduction Celebrity is something that many people aspire to, and dreams of stardom and fame draw in many to pursue careers in the arts. But for some, a path to fame can involve taking more unconventional routes. Some celebrities actually got their start as escorts before they made it big in their chosen professions. In this article, we will explore some of the most notable celebrities who have had experiences as escorts before they became famous.

What Is an Escort? Before we dive in to these celebrities, we should clarify what is meant by an escort. In some cases the term is used to refer to an celebrity escort who makes a living by providing escorting services. These are usually women who are enlisted to join someone on a special occasion or accompany them on a social event. On the other hand, the term can also refer to someone who provides a company or acts as a date for someone in exchange for money – a kind of paid gigolo.

Notable Celebrities Who Were Escorts Prior to Fame

Monica Lewinsky Monica Lewinsky is perhaps the most well-known escort-turned-celebrity. During the mid-90s, she changed her name to “Kendall” and became a licensed escort in Los Angeles. She charged a hefty fee for her services although it is not clear if she ever actually carried out any job or if she was just an established name in the business.

Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson rose to fame in the 1990s when her lifeguard character on the TV series Baywatch brought her to the public’s attention. It is generally assumed that she worked as an exotic dancer before gaining fame. However, it has also been reported that she worked as an escort during the same period.

Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Scherzinger is one of the most popular names in pop music. However, before she achieved fame as the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, she worked as an escort in Los Angeles. She was reportedly paid $10,000 to accompany a wealthy businessman during a public event.

Charlie Sheen The American actor and producer Charlie Sheen is one of the most famous escorts-turned-celebrities. He began his career in the late 80s and early 90s and allegedly offered escorting services to women. He is said to have charged high rates for his services and was even known to have requested cocaine or heroin as payment.

Adam Sandler Before hitting fame in the late 90s, Adam Sandler worked as an escort in New York City. He provided his services to wealthy women around the city, charging $600 per night. It is said that a few of his clients at the time were celebrities themselves.

Paris Hilton Socialite Paris Hilton is another celebrity who began her career as an escort. In the early 2000s, she reportedly offered her services to wealthy clients in the city. By offering her services, she earned enough money to invest in real estate, which is what helped her gain a degree of financial freedom.

Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson’s star rose in 2008 when the Twilight franchise took off and he was cast as the lead actor. However, he was already a professional actor before that and he reportedly worked as an escort for certain wealthy and famous clients. He is said to have been paid around $10,000 per night.

Conclusion These are just a few of the many celebrities who have previously worked as escorts. While some of these stories may have been exaggerated, they are still interesting to note and provide an interesting insight into the shady worlds of escorting and fame. It is an interesting look at the lives of these people and the ways in which they achieved the wealth and fame that they enjoy today.

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